We awoke to a cold morning on our property high on the La Sal Mountains above Moab. As we drove down the mountain towards town the early morning sun was casting in first rays over Canyonlands. The distant red rock radiated a warm glow in the early morning light. The […]

It was going to be hot this weekend in Moab. Temperatures had been well over 100 degrees for days with no relief in sight. The cool air streaming into our trailer at our property high in the La Sal mountains would belie the heat we would find when we dropped […]

It was the fourth of July as we approached Blanding Utah from the north. A fine cool mist had enveloped the area. The moisture clung to the red dust on our windshield and formed into droplets that slowly slide down the window leaving streaks of clean glass. As we entered […]

Michelle has an accounting client in Delta so once a quarter we go there so she can get their financials. We try to do some exploring in the area while we are there. This time we explored the Pahvant Valley with my brother, Sterling and his wife Joyce. We explored […]

It was a perfect fall day in Southern Utah as we turned away from following along the edge of the Colorado River and took a dusty dirt road heading South. After a few miles we pulled off the road at the bottom of a small canyon that would have no […]

As we left our property in Old La Sal a strong wind blew across the vast land of canyons. A wall of red dust rose thousands of feet in the air, reminiscent of a scene from one of the Mummy movies, completely obscuring the 12,000 ft La Sal peaks. This […]