I’ve worked in three different places for three different companies over the last 11 years. Interestingly all the companies are within a half mile of each other. One of the nice things about this area is that it is close to an access point to get on the Jordan River […]

So I weighed  after three weeks. I was hoping the maybe this time my body would finally kick in and stop fighting the weight lose. It didn’t quit happen that way. I got on the scale and had lost six pounds. I wasn’t to upset. That we the lowest number […]


Fat Pants

Most people that struggle with weight issues have fat jeans and skinning jeans. I have fat jeans and super fat jeans. I’ve been wearing the super fat jeans for months. A couple of months ago I accidently grabbed the smaller jeans and tried to put them on. Not even close. […]

We awoke to a cold morning on our property high on the La Sal Mountains above Moab. As we drove down the mountain towards town the early morning sun was casting in first rays over Canyonlands. The distant red rock radiated a warm glow in the early morning light. The […]



Yesterday was a bit rough. For some reason I was craving chocolate. I’ve gotten to the point I didn’t much care for your standard candy bars like Snickers or Milky Way.   I really enjoy high quality chocolate and caramels. It was a particular chocolate candy I was craving. It got […]

Today is my 53rd birthday. But I’m not celebrating today. I’m back on the diet after a day of indulgence yesterday. Because my birthday always is right around the Super Bowl I throw a big Super Bowl/Birthday party. I had given myself permission that I could just for that day […]

It’s not often any more that  a Crossfit WOD (Workout of the DAY) scares me off but today’s did. I still have to modify a lot of the wods but sometimes you have to honest with yourself and realize something is too big to take on at the given moment. […]

This was going to be a bit of a rough day for the diet anyway because someone in our dept. decided to organize a Super Bowl party for today and have everyone bring in their favorite Super Bowl snack food. I had made up my mind I would stay at […]



As I ponder what happened on the scale yesterday I have to ask myself what does it mean? Does it mean I quit? If I quit what does that mean? Just where do I go from there? Quitting leads me back to weighing over 500 lbs again. Quitting means I’m probably dead […]

After a horrible holiday season of weeks of gluttony I finally got my act together the week after New Years. Of course I was supposed to start the 2nd of January but couldn’t quite stop the bleeding that quickly after the feeding frenzy. For the last three weeks I’ve been […]